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I started smoking cigars in 2004, There was an instant attraction: time to myself, time dedicated to silence, time of relaxation, time with friends, and time of celebration.  Ten years later, I had made a hobby of building custom humidors and aging cigars.  My personal humidor is home to 4,500 cigars varying from newly unboxed to aged ten years.


In 2014 I smoked my first pipe. Again, I was instantly drawn in.  I purchased my first pipe and after a few smokes I was certain I could build one better.  I originally set out to build pipes for myself, which turned into pipes for friends, which has now turned into pipes for you.


Every pipe is made 100% by hand; by me, with care, effort, and passion.  They're made from hand selected, properly aged Grade 1 Briar, with extra care for a perfectly centered draft hole at the lowest point of the chamber.


Pellerin Pipe Co. builds a superior pipe for a long enjoyable smoke.


I hope you enjoy smoking your new pipe, as much as I enjoyed making it.


Cody Pellerin